About Us

Issues with the highest stakes are increasingly occurring at the intersection of business, government, regulators, and non-financial stakeholders. Mega-trends driven by consumer attitudes and their consequential political, social and economic impacts are making conventional tools for developing policy proposals, and the case for them, less effective. 

We are particularly interested in working with you to provide data and insights which will help you understand and better respond to the challenge of climate change, sustainability, the shifting global environment, and how Australia responds to trends which have been exposed through the COVID-19 crisis.

Our data driven approach makes sense of this complexity, by showing the long-term political and societal forces on a company or sector. Data and research help us develop integrated policy and advocacy strategies for clients. Alongside powerful framing, we build evidence-based arguments, new policy proposals, actionable ideas and we deliver change through highly impactful strategic communications campaigns.

What we do

We believe today’s challenges for Australian organisations cannot be solved by the strategies of the past.

In a decade that will be defined by major transitions across energy, climate, and globalism, navigating the political economy – the interaction of citizens, governments and economics – has never been more important for your competitive advantage and understanding your customers.

Stonehaven is the consultancy for Australia’s leaders looking to act decisively and confidently through the major transitions of our time.

Our offer

STRATEGY | We use data science to predict trends and research to understand what those trends will mean for your future operating environment.

POLICY | We consult with you to craft an effective, distinctive and sustainable response. 

ADVOCACY | We build coalitions , to ensure your response is delivering shareholder and stakeholder value.

We are powered by a data ecosystem of voter and consumer insights, learning and optimising from engagement data across trends and sectors. We learn from each project and capture the data for the next one.

By combining this data with expertise, we create strategies, policy frameworks and campaigns that deliver renewed certainty for our clients and positive impact for the societies we work in.

Combined expertise across fields

Stonehaven Australia brings together decades of policy, engagement and political expertise, with a team of opinion researchers, data scientists, economists, creative thinkers and campaigners.

Each client problem has a bespoke team, built by capability, trend and sector requirements.

Our mission is to bring distinctive, sustainable thinking to the intractable challenges our clients face in complex operating environments.

Our people

Kathy Jones

Executive Chair

Marc Snape

General Manager

Nick Rowley

Senior Strategic Advsior